MBA Student Says GGU Is Ideal for New Managers


In a video he created for a Golden Gate University course, MBA candidate Christopher Ospina uses the movie Tommy Boy as an analogy to the anxiety and confusion new managers may experience. In the movie, actor Chris Farley inherits his father’s auto parts firm and has to learn how to keep the business going on the fly. “Tommy Boy is an interesting correlation for me,” says Christopher, ”because, although I did not inherit my father’s business, I did inherit the responsibilities to treat our medical imaging department, and its successes, as if they were my own.”

Christopher says that he was nervous as a new manager, especially because he was making the transition from the military to the civilian workplace. Yet, as he progresses through the MBA program, he is gaining the tools that he needs in the areas of operations, conflict resolution, and communication. Christopher created a video for the Communication and Presentation course (MKT 302/MBA 302) called WorkU + StudentU = GGU. In the video, Christopher says his GGU experience boils down to one word: “applicable” – everything he learns is geared toward immediate application in his new role. According to Christopher, the three most important things he has learned are how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and stay ahead of schedule to account for disruptions. As the first slide of his presentation states: ”Are You a New Bay Area Manager? You Need GGU!”
Pictured: Chris Farley in Tommy Boy

As the team expands into imaging different areas of the body, operations are expected to double at the nonprofit hospital where Christopher works. “I will have to make changes to operate efficiently while supporting the new service demand,” says Christopher. “GGU has the curriculum and in-class experience to help me direct my team to achieve these new expectations.”

The Essential GGU Experience According to Christopher Ospina
1. Learning from the first-hand experience of faculty
2. Collaboration & team-based class assignments
3. Quality educational material: scholarly works, case studies, & library databases
4. Networking with other working professionals

About The Video Assignment

Adjunct Professor SueAnn Hirschberg created the assignment for her Communication and Presentation class and uses the same for philosophy for her Marketing classes as well. She has more than 20 years of experience developing interactive television, marketing strategies, and goods/services for Fortune 500 companies and startups. She says: “I approach my classes as if we are a business and try to create real-life business challenges. The ‘new workforce’ must be available to effectively communicate globally, using a variety of tools including video conferencing and Web. Good communications establish credibility, reliability, as well as encourage and foster important working relationships up, down, and across the organization chart. It is the key to efficiency and success.”

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