Marc Singer Named Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies at Golden Gate University


Brings Emphasis on Innovations in Adult Education and Student Outcomes to GGU

Marc Singer has taken the position of Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies at Golden Gate University. His previous experience as a champion of higher education for adult and non-traditional learners, and innovative solutions to their educational and career challenges, dovetails with GGU’s 100+-year commitment in these areas. His experience of streamlining processes, strengthening standards, and providing greater flexibility and access to adult students will serve GGU well into the future. His domains of expertise and experience include assessment of students’ prior work and life experience, credit through testing, self-paced study, development of credential level programs to advance careers of working adults, government & employer partnerships, and open educational resources.

Singer has a track record of success in transforming assessment practices and degree pathways at Thomas Edison State University (NJ), an institution focused on adult learners. As Vice Provost of the Center for the Assessment of Learning at the University, he also served as director of an annual conference on adult-learner assessment that fostered information exchange and progress in adult education. He serves as an Advisory Board member to the Modern States Alliance and Saylor Academy, both of which are committed to the creation of open educational resources and making higher education more affordable and accessible, and has been active with the UNESCO-backed OERu.

In Marc Singer, we have found a leader for the GGU School of Undergraduate Studies with knowledge of and experience in the extraordinary changes that are sweeping through higher education. Most importantly, much of Marc’s experience has been centered around the impacts and opportunities these changes present to the working adult student.
— GGU President David J. Fike, Ph.D.

As well as facilitating social media discussion on non-traditional approaches to education, Singer has also been a writer on the subjects of competency-based education and prior learning assessment. Singer also shares a philosophy with GGU that emphasizes outcomes-based education, which is especially important in a rapidly evolving business world that demands professionals that can be successful and adapt to change from day one. To this end, he is involved in developing new degrees and areas of concentration that will strengthen both the hard and interpersonal skills that are in demand in the job marketplace.

Singer taught history and humanities at institutions in New Jersey and North Carolina for 12 years and worked in the performing arts, museums, and in broadcasting. His work has been focused on bringing education in all its forms to a wider segment of the population.

Singer has a BA from Oberlin College, an MA from the University of Alabama, and an M.Phil from New York University, and did his doctoral work at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada.

“I am excited to come to Golden Gate and to be part of a university that is working hard to rethink what it means to be a university, while at the same time staying true to its roots serving non-traditional students,” says Singer. “We need to keep pace with what is going on in the Bay Area just to remain in our role of educating working people so they can move up and succeed in the workforce and the economy. I am excited to be part of that effort.

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