“Stackable” Organizational Leadership Courses Blend Quality and Convenience

More than ever, employers demand competent, adaptable leaders. The Stackable Leadership Program is designed to give students the make-or-break organizational leadership and management skills that are responsive to an uncertain, chaotic, and global business environment. Because today’s leaders are exceptionally busy and have outside commitments, GGU has built a “stackable” path to career success. Go at your own pace, take organizational leadership courses online or in San Francisco, apply everything to where you are — and build your stack of skills as you move forward!

Start Small, Start Big…Just Start!

All courses in the organizational leadership stack efficiently to take students from certificate, to a credential, to an MS in Leadership.





As you develop into the leader who will add the most value to your organization, even one course signals to your employer that you are serious about making a contribution — and gives you the skills to do just that.

Skills You Can Use

All instructors bring cutting-edge knowledge from the field to the classroom, instilling skills that are immediately applicable to the real world. Students get a toolkit that helps them influence decisions, ensure peak team and organizational performance, and build emotional intelligence and soft skills. Because great leadership develops from the inside out, Golden Gate University creates a safe space to recognize and transform limiting habits. You learn to form new habits to be a more effective leader.



Dr. Marcia Ruben, MS Leadership Program Director

The Stackable Leadership Program was designed by Dr. Marcia Ruben: a leading writer, researcher, and professor in the field of complexity leadership and behavioral neuroscience. Dr. Ruben teaches leadership courses at GGU along with professionals who work in some of the Bay Area’s largest and most successful organizations.

Avoid Pitfalls

A book, one-off class, or boot camp appears to be a good solution. However, students discover that their coursework won’t transfer to a certificate or an advanced degree if they want more. The number of instructors can be limited. Students at GGU won’t have those problems.

Why We Teach Organizational Leadership

The program will help working professionals “future proof” their careers and prepare them for success in an environment where automation, new technologies, and an ever-connected business environment disrupt business. Standard “management” techniques won’t cut it anymore and true leaders are highly sought by employers.

For more information on the Leadership program, contact Dr. Marcia Ruben or fill out a request for information form.

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