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Kandis Rodgers of the Office of Career Planning

Early in her working life, Kandis Rodgers helped the residents of a women’s shelter prepare resumes and learn how to present themselves in interviews. “This experience inspired me to become a career counselor,” she says, “because it made me realize how much career development was essential to independence and the shaping of a positive identity.”

Creating Networking Opportunities & Career Counseling

Kandis Rodgers

As Assistant Director of the Office of Career Planning at GGU, she supports alumni and students with counseling services and liaises with companies to bring job and networking opportunities to GGU. In her counseling work, “some students have a core value of wanting to help people. For others, it is a particular job position that attracts them. I help clear out the ‘extra stuff’ that helps them take the right path for them.” Many students are career changers from the U.S., while others are coming to the U.S. for the first time to get experience that will be an edge in the U.S. or back home.

“My colleagues and I help bring a GGU education and students’ personal values together to develop new skills and engage in their community.”

Kandis also contributes to student success by helping organize events. GGU’s annual Elevate event is her favorite networking event because it helps students move beyond the classroom and gain hands-on experience. Bay Area professional and nonprofit associations send representatives that talk about ways students can get involved with an organization as a board member, volunteer, or employee. Kandis says that getting involved in campus groups or companies makes the difference in helping others realize their career ambitions.

Practicing What She Teaches

Kandis is currently teaching Career Counseling and Development (PSYCH 351) at GGU. “As a career counselor, I have the opportunity to practice what I teach on a daily basis. I want to teach my students how to create a space for others to discuss the intersection of their career and personal lives.” Her conversations with students often revolve around their values, and how to connect their life- and world-view into a more satisfying whole.

Supporting Students after Graduation

She and her colleagues also support alumni with simpler things like tweaking a LinkedIn profile to stand out — to more complex issues if they are experiencing burnout and want to move on in their careers. Whether students or alumni, Kandis says: “Walking with them on their journey is what it is about. Every person is unique and every story is amazing. When I sit across from them in a support role I get to experience it too.”

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