Graduate Students Tour The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Students with GGU profs. Marty Dirks, (far left), Katherine Chen (second from right), and Dave Kaczoroski (far right).

A tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF) by GGU graduate students was arranged by GGU professor and Program Manager Dave Kaczoroski, CFA®. A 10-minute walk from GGU’s campus, the downtown San Francisco location is one of 12 regional banks across the US. The students, from the MBA and MSF programs, learned up-close about how the country’s Central Bank impacts the economy as a whole and the lives of individuals. Adjunct professors Katherine Chen, CFA® and Marty Dirks also took part in the tour. The FRBSF staff – that includes technologists, economists, and more – work to ensure the economic and financial stability through cash operations, banking supervision and monetary policy advising.

Physical and Electronic Perspectives

The tour includes an American currency exhibit that is the most comprehensive in the nation, featuring notes tracing back to colonial days to the present — including Hawaiian bills from WW II stamped with “HAWAII” so they could not be used by an invading force, notes issued by various municipalities and railroads, as well as the Mormon population. Backed by various assets and spread across the country, telling how much $1 bill was really worth was much harder than now, to say the least.

An electronic exhibit allowed visitors to “adjust” interest rates see the effects of monetary policy on unemployment and inflation in real time. If you have no economic or political experience, you too can see the effects of adjusting the interest rates on the FRBS’ interactive exhibit. You can try it yourself on the FRBSF website.

Natalie Zohuri (MBA ’15)

A Graduate of Golden Gate University Fields Questions

Natalie Zohuri, a graduate of GGU (MBA ’15) who currently works at the FRBSF, talked about innovation at the Bank and answered questions from GGU students and professors. Zohuri’s current role is that of a Project Analyst for the CIO’s Office supporting the strategic direction of the information technology and services division. Beginning her career at FRBSF as an Assistant in Economic Research for the Associate Director of Research, she was promoted to her current position in 2017. Zohuri also discussed FRBSF internships that provide the ability to explore career opportunities there, and explained that “the Bank has an atmosphere where top leaders are available and willing to share their career journeys with you.”

The GGU visitors stand below the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Seal at Market and Spear streets.

Zohuri’s current research focuses on emerging technologies in the banking industry and the FRBSF mission toward stable prices and maximum employment. Her work dovetails with the 12th district’s values around achievement, innovation, and critical thinking. Natalie is considering deepening her research in GGU’s DBA program in the coming years.

For more information about booking a tour go to the FRBSF Website.

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