Dr. Nabanita Talukdar Co-Publishes Study on Consumer Attitudes to Digital Advertising on Blogs

Dr. Nabanita Talukdar is among the co-authors of a new article in the peer-reviewed journal Marketing Intelligence & Planning (MIP). The article is titled, “Consumer attitudes towards bloggers and paid blog advertisements: what’s new?”. The journal Marketing Intelligence & Planning facilitates communication between researchers and practitioners, providing the users of research with a wealth of robust and relevant information. The journal is ranked by Social Science Citation Index (SSCI).

Dr. Nabanita Talukdar

Dr. Talukdar is Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of Math Programs, with research interests in luxury consumption, sustainability, and virtual reality. Dr. Talukdar is an alumna of GGU with a DBA in Marketing and an MS in Finance From the article’s abstract:

Reports show that 6.77m people published blogs on blogging websites and more than 12m people write blogs using their social network. However, few studies have explored consumer attitudes toward bloggers and their advertising. Therefore, an effort to discover how paid blog advertisements influence consumer attitudes toward bloggers and the products they advertise will help marketers gain an understanding of how to use bloggers as paid sponsors to influence consumer purchase intent. Using online survey approach, a study recruited participants (n=210) through an online survey platform (MTurk).

The results indicated that the similarity between the consumer and the ad creator is an important psychological reason why consumers are more likely to perceive advertisements as more authentic, more affective, less deceptive and more credible, and they are thus more likely to trust the blogger. On the other hand, the importance of ad attribute (authenticity) does not significantly influence consumers’ intention to purchase products advertised by a blogger. As consumers are becoming more skeptical of advertisements, blogs need to be entertaining and a pleasure to view. Not only does the content need to be interesting, the design, flow, and clarity of the blogs must also be considered important factors.

In addition, advertising needs to be believable, credible and honest. In the online world, trust and credibility are still paramount in attracting consumers’ engagement; hence, promoting companies’ products and services through blogs can be an effective strategy to lower consumer skepticism barriers.

Complete Citation

Patrick van Esch
Denni ArliJenny CastnerNabanita TalukdarGavin Northey, (2018) “Consumer attitudes towards bloggers and paid blog advertisements: what’s new?”, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, https://doi.org/10.1108/MIP-01-2018-0027

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More About  Nabanita Talukdar

Dr. Nabanita Talukdar has presented her research at both domestic and international conferences.  Outside of academia, she has worked in industry — conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses for L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, First Republic Bank, and Actelion Pharmaceuticals. She is involved with social causes dedicated to providing educational opportunities to underprivileged populations.

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