Transform into an Organizational Leader: New Certificates, Credential, and Master of Science in Leadership Degree at GGU

Golden Gate University is launching a full range of stackable organizational leadership courses, certificates a graduate credential, and a Master of Science in Leadership to build leaders with the make-or-break skills that are responsive to a global, uncertain, and chaotic business environment. The Leadership program fosters abilities that are critical to harnessing and directing the talents of a diverse workforce such as adaptive decision making, designing and leading complex change, and leveraging business data — plus soft skills that help influence decisions, ensure peak team and organizational performance, and build emotional intelligence.  The program is ideal for new supervisors and managers who want to strengthen their leadership skills. Registration is now open.

The Leadership program is “stackable,” allowing students to start with just one course and apply that course toward a certificate program. Certificates can be used as credit toward the Organizational Leadership Graduate Credential and/or the Master of Science in Leadership. Finally, certain Leadership courses can be applied to completing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). GGU is offering leadership classes online and at the downtown San Francisco Campus.

Organizational Leadership Skills for the Real World of Business

The pace of change across industries is quickening. New technologies are disrupting established businesses at an accelerated rate. Leaders operate in an ever interconnected global business environment.  Jobs once performed by professionals will soon be automated or outsourced. What was certain today well may be uncertain tomorrow. The program will help working professionals “future proof” careers and prepare them for the real world of business.

Learn In-Demand Skills and Fill a Gap in the Job Market

Organizations are experiencing a leadership gap, according to a recent learning and development study by the respected Brandon Hall Group. Employers are looking for strong leaders and not just traditional managers. GGU created the Leadership program to help fill this gap, with the goal of delivering concrete skills that will make the difference between success and failure.

Dr. Marcia Ruben, MS Leadership Program Director

As Dr. Marcia Ruben — a leading writer, researcher, and professor in the field of applied neuroscience and leadership who serves as the MS Leadership Program Director — notes: “The need for strong, adaptable, highly skilled leaders who possess strong relational skills and the ability to deliver results has never been higher.”

Organizational Leadership Courses, Certificates, Credential and Master’s Degree


Start with one course, then stack the rest as you transform from an aspiring supervisor or an individual manager to a true leader. Some courses may apply to GGU’s MBA program, with approval, if students elect to go that route.


(10 Courses)

This graduate degree builds leaders that can drive change, facilitate employee success, and make strategic decisions in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing global environment. Courses cover fundamental management knowledge as well as cutting-edge innovations in leadership.

Core Courses

  • Leadership & Management
  • Personal Leadership
  • Teamwork in Organizations
  • Leading Complex Change
  • Adaptive Decision Making
  • Integrated Leadership Mastery

Specialization Courses: Students can choose courses that align with their individual interests or professional goals in concentrations ranging from business analytics to influence & conflict management.


(3 or 4 courses)

  • Essentials of Leadership
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Individualized Specializations


(6 courses)

This credential emphasizes the fundamentals of management and leadership, self-awareness, leading teams, and leading transformational change in complex organizations.

…GGU was named the #1 university for adult learners two years in a row by Washington Monthly...

Why Build Leadership Skills at GGU?

Program Design & Professors

GGU’s breakthrough leadership program is based on extensive input from corporate partners, industry groups, leading scholars — leveraging the university’s decades-long successes in developing high achieving leaders in the innovative crucible of the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to Dr. Ruben, courses are taught by instructors who work in some of the Bay Area’s largest and most successful organizations across different industries. All instructors bring cutting-edge knowledge from the field to the classroom, instilling skills that are immediately applicable to the real world.

The Best University for Working Professionals

The new Leadership program continues GGU’s nearly 120-year tradition of serving working professionals, providing a real-world education taught by practitioners and convenient scheduling and online classes. In fact, GGU was named the #1 university for adult learners two years in a row by Washington Monthly, based on reviewed data from the Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Survey, its College Scorecard database, and the College Board’s Annual Survey of Colleges.

For more information on the Leadership program, contact Dr. Marcia Ruben or fill out a request for information form.

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