Leadership Expert and Executive Coach Shares Her Plan to be Amazing!™ Methodology at Bruce F. Braden Speaker Series

Carol Isozaki will be presenting, “Plan to be Amazing! ™: Building Your Brand as a Leader” as part of the 7th Annual Braden Leadership Speaker Series, hosted by GGU’s Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation and School of Accounting. The series focuses on leadership and attracts renowned thought leaders who share advice and expertise with students, alumni, and the SF Bay Area community. The event takes place on August 28, from 12–1 pm at the GGU campus (Room 2201).

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Carol is an executive coach and leadership expert with over 20 years of client service, human capital, and leadership development expertise at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where she was a two-time winner of its Market Leadership Award for her innovative efforts around leadership development. In 2007, she was certified as a coach and trainer in the award-winning framework developed by The Personal Brand Company™.  Carol founded Strategic Brand Intelligence in 2010 to leverage her passion for creating powerful and differentiated leadership brands. Since then she’s brought her high-impact methodology to Fortune 100 companies, including The Walt Disney Company and Bank of America, worked with top-tier global professional service firms, and is proud to include eBay, Gigamon, Leading Women in Technology, Oracle, PayPal, AICPA and SAP among her valued partnerships. She also holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University.

The GGU blog is pleased to share an excerpt from Carol’s website about her personal journey, as well as her signature Plan to Be Amazing!™  Method in action…

The first time people hear Carol Isozaki speak, most don’t believe that at one time she was incredibly shy. Carol’s early friends and colleagues remember her as a quiet wallflower that avoided eye contact. All this changed one transformative afternoon when a pizza guy asked her the simple question: “Why do you always look sad or mad?”

It was the first time she had ever stepped outside of herself to see the Carol she was presenting to the world. Simply put, she was not satisfied with what she saw. Her shyness was focused on her own discomfort. She was not holding herself responsible for bringing her bright impact to those around her. That afternoon kicked off her journey to increasing self-awareness, understanding the impact of intentionality and mindfulness, and the powerful shifts that can come when we hold ourselves accountable to show up as the highest self within us.

Carol’s mission is to challenge individuals, teams, and companies to significantly loftier leadership possibilities.

Carol’s life work is to help organizations, leaders, teams, and even the painfully shy take advantage of missed opportunities. As a speaker, trainer, and coach, she teaches clients to broaden their understanding of what constitutes amazing leadership and guides them to own those missed opportunities. She helps them create a plan to show up and contribute the best of themselves. Through Carol’s “Plan to be Amazing!™” methodology, she has helped thousands transform into higher-performing leaders who go on to build more motivated teams, significantly enhance their customers’ experiences, and in the end, gain a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Carol’s mission is to challenge individuals, teams, and companies to significantly loftier leadership possibilities. Her Plan to Be Amazing!™ methodology represents the best of her 20+ years of experience guiding clients to extraordinary accomplishments. Using intentional mindsets and strategic thinking, she’s creating leaders who have the know-how and the confidence to create a reality that surpasses their biggest visions.

We invite you to register for Carol’s talk and check out the complete list experts presenting at the Braden Leadership Speaker Series. You can also follow the series on social media at #ggubraden.

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