Let’s Succeed Together: A Message from the New Accounting Club President at GGU


By Maria D’Angelico (Candidate, Master of Accountancy)

It is a great pleasure for me to begin my leadership of Chi Pi Alpha (Accounting Club) for the upcoming academic year. I come to GGU after managing grassroots public space improvement projects (think music in parks, urban farms, and playgrounds). My background is in engaging local communities around neighborhood improvements and helping them build consensus with private and public stakeholders. It is with this love of meeting new people, embracing their diversity, and finding commonalities on which to get things done that I am inviting you to get involved. My vision for this year is that we all get to know each other better and share our knowledge and unique perspectives, help each other grow, and ultimately land a great job.

I am just wrapping up my second semester in GGU’s Master of Accountancy Program, and it has been inspiring discovering the wealth of resources that we as a community possess. I have had the opportunity to meet working professionals and career changers like me, international students who are new to life in San Francisco, and students who commute from all around the Bay Area and ”the web” through online classes. Each one of you enriches the GGU community with a unique perspective.

My peers and I have already had many moments to celebrate including some impromptu study sessions in the library in which our resident expert explains the joys of FIFO and LIFO to us “newbies,” and seeing my classmates dressed in their power suits for our Business Law Mock Trials.

In addition to technical knowledge, professional success in accounting relies on the ability to communicate with clients, partners, future employees, and even jurors in the courtroom. Participation in Chi Pi Alpha can be a first step in getting this kind of experience and forming relationships that can last through our professional lives.

Let’s Start Networking and Meeting Employers!

Special Event: Fall, 2018

Isn’t the ultimate goal to land a great job or get a promotion? Chi Pi Alpha, with the support of Career Services, wants to help make that happen! The Club is planning a signature networking event in the fall. This event will be an excellent opportunity to meet potential employers and learn more about the profession. You can find out the date and time of the event by choosing one of the options at the end of this post.

Join the Club

Do you want to help decide what events and activities we host, share stories with fellow students, and get advice from more senior students? Join us! This is your club, and we need you to make it great.

Accounting Club is open to all students: undergraduate, graduate (part-time, full-time, online, or in-person). We also need officers, so if you are looking to develop leadership skills and help with the management of the club, please volunteer. If you ever want to discuss the program, the club, show me a picture of your dog or share restaurant recommendations, please say hi! I look forward to meeting you soon.

So how can you engage with Chi Pi Alpha?

Sign up to become a member or an officer by filling out this form. Check your email, the digital billboards, and the GGU app for event announcements and attend our events. Email us your ideas and questions at ggu.acctg@gmail.com.



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