Special Event: Collaboration with Chinese Tax Educators & Researchers

Professors from the Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation and School of Accounting recently hosted professors/practitioners and researchers from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in China. The visitors also included Prof. Yang Yang (above, far right), a Visiting Scholar from Guizhou University of Finance and Economics. Prof. Yang is conducting research on U.S. Taxation here at Golden Gate University and helped organize the meeting with SWUFE. The event explored how teacher exchange programs might facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices in teaching the complexity of U.S. Tax Laws to Chinese students.

Dean Fred Sroka introduced the guests to the U.S. Tax system and how it is different from the system used in China. He also discussed how U.S. Tax Laws are taught at the Braden School.

Fred Sroka, Dean of the Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation and School of Accounting

Qinrui Du, Postgraduate Education Officer at SWUFE, gave a presentation on the many tax and accounting programs at SWUFE. Adjunct Professor of Taxation Michael Dong also joined the meeting, along with Xiaoxi Ma, LLM Tax student at GGU School of Law, who assisted with translating from English to Mandarin.

Qinrui Du, Postgraduate Education Officer (SWUFE)

A discussion followed about ways the Braden School can foster a collaborative relationship with the Chinese educators moving forward. Visitors from SWUFE invited our faculty to teach or present at SWUFE during the summer of 2019.

Dean Sroka commented: “The recent changes to U.S. tax laws give us a unique opportunity to study the impact on cross-border business and investment. We hope our faculty and students will benefit from the opportunity to work with their peers from SWUFE.”

Visiting Delegation from SWUFE
Jiaming He, Deputy Dean, School of Public Finance and Taxation
Yinpin Yin, Professor
Maoqing Fei, Associate Professor
Huiying Zhang, Associate Professor
Min Lv, Associate Professor
Qinrui Du, Postgraduate Education Officer


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