Marketing Luxury Brands: Expert from GGU Helps Bridge the Gap Between Academia and Industry

Photo: AGAATI California

Golden Gate University’s Nabanita Talukdar, DBA, made her way to major conferences in Monaco and Singapore recently to share the results of her research into luxury brands. Her presentations centered around two papers she authored that examined consumption motives in this segment of the industry. Dr. Talukdar teaches courses in Marketing, Business Analytics, and Mathematics courses at GGU — and holds the title of Visiting Assistant Professor & Director of Math Programs. Outside of academia, she conducted quantitative and qualitative analyses for L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, First Republic Bank, and Actelion Pharmaceuticals.

All three conferences centered on the luxury brands industry, bringing together top academics and industry leaders from around the world to share academic research and insights.

Monaco Symposium on Luxury

The Monaco Symposium on Luxury, organized by the International University of Monaco & INSEEC Business School, is a biannual event that attracted close to 250 attendees in April. Dr. Talukdar’s paper, co-authored with Dr. Shubin Yu of Peking University HSBC Business School, was among the 42 presentations selected for the conference through a competitive peer-review process (conducted by fellow researchers and luxury industry leaders). The paper, “Are Materialists Green? The effect of Materialism on Consumer’s perceived value and purchase intention of sustainable luxury products,” was based on a sponsored research grant from AGAATI to GGU. AGAATI, one the few luxury fashion companies focused on sustainability, wanted to understand motives behind purchasing decisions in the sustainable luxury category.

The AGAATI-GGU project had three parts: a focus group drawn from a pool of GGU alumni, employees, and students; a pilot survey that was sent to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago; and a luxury brand experiment using GGU students to understand the underlying psychological mechanism driving the purchase of sustainable luxury brands. In the pilot survey and the experiment, Dr. Talukdar was assisted by Michael Lin, a student in GGU’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. Lin worked as a research assistant (RA) in the first study and assisted in data collection & analyses.


Dr. Talukdar at the LVMH-SMU Conference

LVMH-SMU and the Mystique of Luxury Brands Conference, Singapore

In May, Dr. Talukdar traveled to Singapore to present her research at the LVMH-SMU Conference and Mystique of Luxury Brands (MLB) Conference. The LVMH-SMU is an initiative of a strategic partnership between Singapore Management University (SMU) and LVMH (Louis Vuitton), in order to produce and deliver independent and high-quality academic research dedicated to the Asian luxury-brand sector.

Prominent industry experts and over 80 academics from more than 50 universities attended the LVMH-SMU Conference 2018. Dr. Talukdar presented her (complete) paper: “Are Materialists Green? The effect of Materialism on Consumer’s perceived value and purchase intention of sustainable luxury products.”


Dr.  Shubin Yu (left) and Dr. Nabanita Talukdar at
the Marketing Luxury Brands Conference

The MLB Conference 2018 was organized by Curtin University’s Luxury Branding Research Cluster. A working paper that Talukdar co-authored, “The Effect of Sustainability Claims for Luxury Brands,” was her contribution to the event. Co-author Dr. Shubin Yu, of Peking University HSBC Business School, made the presentation to the audience.

For more on Dr. Talukdar’s luxury brand marketing research, watch the video about AGAATI’s sponsored research project >>

Learn more about Dr. Talukdar, her research, and what she teaches at GGU. We also invite you to request information about the master’s degree in marketing.


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