Building Employee Engagement: Dr. Jeffrey D. Yergler Shares Expertise on U.S. and Global Stages


Jeffrey D. Yergler, Ph.D., is a leadership development scholar and consultant who is currently the Department Chair and Academic Program Director of Undergraduate Programs at GGU.

Last week, at the 2018 International Chair Academy Conference in Denver, Colorado, Yergler presented Building and Sustaining Employee Engagement: A Research-Based Training Approach with Diagnostic Survey. This workshop outlined a training model and diagnostic tool that can equip leaders and managers to build, sustain, and measure employee engagement.

…the percentage of engaged employees remained the relatively stable at roughly 30% according to Gallup. A leadership gap is a contributing factor and it needs to be filled…

Along with Wayne Butson, Director of Service Industries and Transition Education at Victoria University (Australia), Yergler discussed the E6 Employee Engagement Training Process. The process springs from interviews of hundreds of adults and students that uncovered six components that fuel engagement: alignment, contribution, development, autonomy, recognition, and purpose.

“With the millions of dollars that have been spent by organizations to address employee engagement,” says Yergler, “the percentage of engaged employees remained relatively stable at roughly 30% according to Gallup. A leadership gap is a contributing factor and it needs to be filled.”

Yergler notes the same Gallup poll revealed that even fewer employees are engaged at a global level, which makes him all the more eager to contribute his expertise globally. Later this month, in Seoul, South Korea, he will serve as the Leadership Development Instructor in The Asia Foundation’s 2018 Development Fellows Program.

Dr. Yergler speaking at the 2017 Asia Foundation event

Each year, the Foundation selects an elite cohort as part of its commitment to identify emerging national social reformers and social entrepreneurs who are committed to the development of democratic values. This year, the group includes representatives from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

“The Development Fellows Program provides a unique opportunity to learn with and from an exceptionally talented and visionary group of leaders who represent the vast diversities of Asia,” says Yergler. “My experience last year showed me the high priority that each Fellow places on justice, fairness, transparent governance, the environment, equal access, education, economic opportunity, job training, social equality, and respect for the rights of girls and women — and how all of these priorities inform the way they build, lead, and influence within and beyond their organizations.”

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