Announcing GGU’s Corporate Fellows Scholarship for the Executive MBA Program

GGU’s Executive MBA (EMBA) is a demanding, transformative experience. Unlike many other “executive” programs, it is not a spin-off from a traditional MBA for full-time students. The EMBA is geared specifically for real-world success.

We’re pleased to announce a Corporate Fellows Scholarship of 50%.

  • Covers 50% of EMBA tuition
  • Limited to 15 recipients
  • Cannot be combined with any other grant or scholarship offered by GGU

To qualify for consideration for the Corporate Fellows Scholarship, EMBA applicants must:

  • be employed by a company operating in the U.S.
  • have at least 5 years’ experience managing people, projects, or businesses.
  • apply to the EMBA program by the March 20, 2020 deadline.

About the Executive MBA

The EMBA program at GGU is based on more than 115-years of proven success developing and delivering programs for working professionals, and it was designed to leverage the real-world professional experience and knowledge of the EMBA participants with GGU’s renowned active and practice-based learning methods.

As you complete GGU’s 16-month EMBA program, you will gain confidence not only from advancing your knowledge of business and leadership concepts, but also from mastering and applying what you learn to boost your professional performance.

More than 80% of EMBA faculty members
are scholar-practitioners.

From day one, you will have the opportunity to connect with a peer group of accomplished, high-energy professionals, in the heart of San Francisco’s thriving business district. You will join an active alumni community that is 68,000-strong, and you will benefit from a network of corporate partnerships and entrepreneurs that GGU has forged for over a century in the center of this world-changing business hub.

As a participant in the EMBA program, you will collaborate with and learn from executive coaches and instructors who are influential business leaders and who transform GGU classes into dynamic learning laboratories. More than 80% of EMBA faculty members are scholar-practitioners, and they will constantly challenge you to enhance your business knowledge and hone your leadership skills by solving real, meaningful and practical business problems.

Again, we invite you to apply for the EMBA program by the March 20, 2020 deadline to be considered for the Corporate Fellows Scholarship of 50%.


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