Acknowledging Women Students for Women’s History Month

Over half of GGU’s undergraduate and graduate students are women. At the GGU School of Law, 64% of first-year law students are women. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to share the stories of a few outstanding students and recent graduates of GGU’s Ageno School of Business.

Tsovinar Yenokyan (MS, Marketing ’18)


Tsovinar started to work at age 16, which was not common in her native country of Armenia, and began what she calls her, “long-lasting relationship with marketing.” Two years later, she took a Brand Manager position at Starcom Mediavest in Armenia.

Each student has an advisor and mine has been helpful in answering questions about student Visas and my curriculum.

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Quyen Le  (MBA, Finance ‘19) 

student-quyen-sqQuyen Le decided that she wanted to go to business school in San Francisco to get access to the open-minded culture and business opportunities only it can provide. Her participation in the Financial Women of San Francisco (FWSF) organization resulted in her winning its annual scholarship. Quyen now works at GGU where she helps students from overseas apply for a business degree.

I act as tour guide for students from overseas, among other things. Many international students come here alone and so GGU understands that they need help applying and adjusting in the U.S.

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Zhaoqian (Anna) Zeng (MBA, Supply Chain ’17)

Anna is from China where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Law from Shanghai’s Customs College. After working in import and export operations, she wanted to expand her career. Golden Gate University provided a very comprehensive program in Supply Chain that covered the aspects of operations she found the most interesting: strategy and tactical operations.

San Francisco is a very welcoming place and people from different cultures feel comfortable here. There are young, energetic people here who are absorbing new information every day.

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Amina Kasumov (MBA ’16, Management)

Amina Kasumov wrote about the GGU experience and how it deepened her knowledge of leadership.


“.. the courses are developed to provide valuable knowledge that can be applied to the real-world by evaluating real-world examples such as Uber and Amazon. “

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Significant leadership roles at GGU are occupied by women. More about that in a blog post later this month.


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