Envisioning the Digital Ethics Officer at Banks and Financial Institutions

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As Regulatory Innovation Officer at Wells Fargo’s Innovation Group, Yvette Hollingsworth Clark responds to the impact of adopting emerging technology on banking and financial institutions. Working with other financial experts, strategists, coders, data analysts, risk managers, and lawyers at the bank’s San Francisco headquarters, she leads the integration of risk management requirements during the design stage of transformative digital solutions.

In a recent blog post, Hollingsworth Clark wrote:

“..the traditional role of a compliance officer or risk manager may evolve to a role such as digital ethics officer, or DEO. I envision a DEO being responsible for creating and maintaining a ‘responsible digital network policy…'”

You can read the full post on the American Bankers Association’s Journal.

Hollingsworth Clark is an adjunct professor in GGU’s Master of Finance degree program and was named to American Banker’s Most Powerful Women in Banking: Women to Watch in 2017.


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