GGU Professor Joins Editorial Advisory Board of Prestigious Taxation Journal


Kathleen Wright, CPA, JD has been named to the editorial team of the prestigious Tax Notes publication, which has provided commentary and analysis on the latest changes in tax law and policy for over 45 years. Professor Wright, Director of the State and Local Tax Program at GGU’s Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation, has also written a column on numerous state and local topics for State Tax Notes.  She has also published articles in The Tax Adviser, The Tax Lawyer, The Journal of State Taxation, and The Journal of Legal Tax Research.

Professor Wright brings her GGU students the analytical ability evident in her writing and real-world experience from a private tax practice that focuses on client representation and small-business tax consulting. She says that it is no longer sufficient to prepare for a career in State and Local Tax by simply understanding the law in your home state:

Now it is necessary to understand the different rules that apply in all of the states where your client does business–and to be able to put together the different results and provide a roadmap for your client that achieves the objectives of administrative simplicity and tax savings. 

Professor Wright’s multistate tax classes take GGU students through multiple case studies where a taxpayer does business in multiple states. The job of the practitioner is to determine the best entity structure (or transaction structure) to maximize tax savings and eliminate the risk of double-tax. The class presents a challenging experience and opportunity for students to develop analytical skills in the state and local area – frequently referred as the “Wild West” of the tax law (because its diverse rules vary significantly from federal law).

In addition to an LLM from Golden Gate University School of Law, Wright also holds a BS (Accounting) from Florida State University, a JD from Fordham Law School (New York City), an MBA (Taxation) from New York University.  A licensed CPA in California and New York, she has been admitted to practice law in New York.  She speaks frequently on multistate topics and continues to present seminars for the California CPA Education Foundation and other professional groups on a wide variety of topics. Governor Brown appointed her to the California Board of Accountancy in 2015.

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