Juggling Real-World Responsibilities with Undergraduate Studies at GGU

Mohammed Khalil (BA ’17) did not yet have an undergraduate degree when he sat down for an interview for a claims adjuster position at Progressive Insurance, but he had an edge. “I got the job because they saw that I could hold down all of my responsibilities at once—the GGU degree studies, my kids, and three jobs,” he says.

Mohammed tells us that with real-world responsibilities, he had no time to waste on administrative hassles or studies that were not a true stepping stone. “Everyone at GGU is committed to helping you,” says Mohammed. “For example, you call about class registration and within two minutes you have someone on the phone to help you. Even the librarians were absolutely brilliant in helping me make my research faster. That is the advantage of how GGU operates.”

“I didn’t know if I could handle school and work. Because I had such amazing teachers and student support, it allowed me to be the best student I could be. GGU is an absolute blessing.”

Charting His Future

GGU offers an introductory class that helps adult students like Mohammed clarify their goals and plan their classes through graduation. Mohammed says: “In this course, my instructor told us to listen to our inner voice, find out who were are, and be ourselves.” This last piece of advice hit home when Mohammed connected his love of interacting with the clientele at his family’s Mission-district store – one of his three jobs at the time! — and going into management.

Mohammed’s professors also were more than a source of book learning: “All they care about is helping you to succeed out there. For example, Dr. Yergler, my teacher in a management class, was passionate about making us live up to our potential in our careers.”

Proving Himself

Golden Gate University is geared to serve adults such as Mohammed who may not start an undergraduate degree right out of high school.  “When you come back to college at my age you feel like the older kid on the block and want to put your stamp on everything you do.” Mohammed certainly did–graduating magna cum laude from GGU this year.

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