Accomplished Finance Professional Stays on Top of His Game at GGU

“Why would I go back to school? That’s what everyone asks me!” It’s a legitimate question for Marc Loupé, who has more than 25 years of experience and has worked in global-level roles in accounting and finance. After a few years at Deloitte as an external auditor, he progressed from positions in internal auditing, financial planning and analysis, and controllership roles. Most recently, he was CFO of AAA of Northern California, Nevada & Utah. As he transitions from corporate financial management to a consulting practice, he wants more education to keep performing at the highest level.

“When people are younger,” Loupé says, “they think they get a degree and finish their education. As people mature, they have a better appreciation that learning is continuous. You always want to stay on the top of your game, and the best way to do that is to be in (or close to) classroom interaction with other students and business counterparts.”

There is an ongoing requirement in business to communicate effectively and use current and proven tools to accentuate a presentation. There is always a missed opportunity to improve communication skills. You don’t want to fall back into habits that may not be effective.

GGU’s reputation in the accounting field—as well as its instructors who demonstrate their real-world application of theory—persuaded Loupé to start its master’s degree in accounting program. For example, the Accounting Research and Communication course informs students how to make presentations more effective by using technical tools with clarity. Loupé also notes: “It also helps one to consider the audience’s background and familiarity with the presented content.”

Loupé’s team was challenged to present a written and oral presentation about how Chipotle could raise its stock price after the E. Coli scandal. The group presented a solution that addressed marketing, supply chain, public relations, and product development. “We were taught the specific Excel automation commands that are useful to summarize data for an audience,” says Loupé. “I also learned from other students who used some of the newer tools, such as Prezi.”

Communication in Real-World Situations

Loupé says good communication is about being clear and succinct, noting: “A presenter should never conclude with the audience saying: ‘You lost me in translation.’” To present effectively, you need to listen and communicate so clients can engage in a conversation to achieve the ultimate answer. Ultimately, as financial and business consultants, we are solution providers.”

More about Mark Loupé

Marc Loupé is a Partner at CFOs2Go, which provides CFO advisory services in finance and accounting on an interim and consulting basis and recruitment for direct hire positions.

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