Students Recap Winning Entry to Regional CFA Institute Research Challenge

A team of students from the Master of Science in Finance and Bachelor of Science in Business programs will recap their winning entry to the regional CFA Institute Research Challenge on September 5th at Golden Gate University. The competition required teams to create a written report and a group presentation to a panel of financial services professionals.

Come see a video of their presentation and find out why their analysis of Hewlett Packard made them prevail over graduate schools across Northern California. The event will be of interest to anyone studying finance at GGU or who wants to start a career as a financial analyst.

Special Event:
Hewlett-Packard Financial Analysis Recap & Video Presentation

Date: September 5th, 2017
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Golden Gate University, Room 6211 [directions]

Questions? Write Investment Club president Gannon Kim.

San Francisco CFA Investment Competition
Winning Team (left to right): David Kaczorowski, CFA (mentor and GGU professor of Finance) along with team members Zhe-Yuan Zhang, William Xu, Gannon Kim and Hemal Patel.

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