McFarland Publishing Contracts Public Administration Professors to Pen Five Books

By Joaquin Gonzalez, Mayor George Christopher Professor of Public Administration at the Ageno School of Business at Golden Gate University

McFarland Publishing has contracted four GGU Public Administration professors and me to write five more books on Public Administration. This publishing house, a leader in academic and nonfiction titles, recognizes GGU’s unique capacity to contribute to real-world solutions for the Public Administration community around the world. No public administration program in the San Francisco Bay Area has been granted such trust, confidence, and respect. I am proud to say that my co-authors/co- editors are also graduates of GGU’s Public Administration program.

These five publications–as yet untitled–will cover street-level policy concerns that are intriguing and controversial:

Spring 2018: GGU Ageno School of Business Associate Professor and GGU alum Dr. Mick McGee (MPA, DPA) and I team up for an eye-opening compilation on legalized marijuana and what cities are doing to manage this “growth” industry.

Fall 2018: This book will focus on how cities, states, and the Feds are helping veterans—especially in this period of mass drawdown—that I will co-edit with Dr. McGee and GGU alum Roger Kemp (MBA, MPA, DPA) who is a distinguished adjunct professor here.

Spring 2019: Dr. McGee and I examine what cities are doing to reduce or entirely eliminate chronic homelessness.

Fall 2019: Dr. McGee and I dive into the topic of needle exchange programs and including the opioid crisis, as well as how citizens and communities are acting on this serious concern.

Spring 2020: Dr. Kemp and I are joined by another GGU alum, Willie Britt (DPA), for a book that examines senior-citizen services.

As seasoned public affairs experts, we will bring together a vast network of colleagues from universities, to governments, to journalists. However, a bulk of the writing will come from practitioners from the field who are active members of leading public administration organizations such as the International City/County Management Association, American Society for Public Administration, and the American Planning Association. Many of the articles have been vetted by cutting-edge professional publications like Governing, Planning, PM Magazine, and PA Times. Some Doctor of Public Administration and Executive Master of Public Administration alums have also agreed to contribute their research papers as chapters in these volumes.

…if you visit the GGU library, you will see a wall of books written by our faculty and alumni.

Five Publications Add to GGU’s Existing Body of Work

In my close to two decades at GGU, I am always asked by curious students, colleagues, and community members: “Do you write books too? You know like famous professors?” My answer has always been a humble, “Yes.” And, usually, I add that if you visit the GGU library, you will see a wall of books written by our faculty and alumni.

In the last two years, Dr. Kemp and I have authored Immigration and American Cities, Corruption and America’s Cities, Privatization in Practice, and Small Town Economic Development (with long-time Connecticut economic development manager Jonathan Rosenthal). Before the end of the year, our latest project on Cities, Citizens, and Eminent Domain will join this series.

Why do we write these kinds of books?

There is an increasing demand from classrooms and citizens for discussions on up-to-date, practical, and hands-on experiences and innovations in the Public Administration field. Walking down city streets, you will notice that America’s economic growth has not benefited everybody. While there are Americans who are getting more affluent, there are also many who are living on the streets or dealing with drug abuse and other social ills. For instance, while we know that concerns relating to our aging population will catch up with us, our cities were are not prepared for the massive return of U.S. veterans.

Thus, we must share not only the basics and the classics of our professions but also share practical nationwide solutions that work and expose those that do not work. Community leaders and regular citizens want to read about them so they can make smart suggestions at town hall meetings and better engage politicians and hold them accountable.

After browsing through GGU faculty publications, you will notice that many of our publications delve into real-life practices in business and other fields like mine. Most of our publications are more readable by what I would call the broader “ audience”—not just students, but even “Regular Joes”. I like it that way.

About Dr. Joaquin Jay Gonzalez

About Joaquin Jay Gonzalez III, PhD, is Mayor George Christopher Professor of Public Administration at the Ageno School of Business of Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California. He has taught at the University of San Francisco, the National University of Singapore, and De La Salle University (Manila). He was Commissioner for Immigrant Rights for the City and County of San Francisco for close to a decade and has worked for the World Bank (Washington, DC) and the Institute On Governance (Canada).

Jay is the author of more than a dozen books including the recent Corruption and American Cities: Essays and Case Studies in Ethical Accountability. Gonzalez has also written a book on the theme of boxing, From Pancho to Pacquiao: Philippine Boxing in and Out of the Ring, and has demonstrated his boxing moves while training American soldiers on Philippine Relations.


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