Special Event: Amazon–Blockbuster or Bubble?

Join Golden Gate University’s Investment Research Club for a special group discussion: Amazon: blockbuster or bubble? Participants in the meeting will include professional asset managers who hold Amazon in their institutional portfolios and will allow GGU students to participate in a real-world analysis of a stock—the way the pros do it. The event will include a presentation by Prof. David Kaczorowski, who spent five years in the investment banking industry as an equity research associate, covering technology companies.

Amazon is a member of what the investor community calls FANG: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. These four stocks have been red hot over the last one-to-two years, and the number one driver of the market upturn. The professional investor community is in a fierce debate right now as to whether this huge rise constitutes a bubble.

This event is free and is open to the public—no registration required.

Join Us!

When: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at 6pm

Location: Golden Gate University campus, Room 5208

For more information on the event and the Investment Research Club, contact Gannon Kim.

About the Investment Research Club

The GGU Investment Research Club is intended to allow students to participate in an enjoyable intellectual exercise while learning the time-honored and effective methods of the business. We are a group of students who have a passion for finance and investing. We meet regularly to collectively research, analyze, and value companies from an investor’s perspective. Through research, networking, and guest speakers, we will gain practical skills, industry knowledge, and connections to help each other increase our aptitude with investments. The Golden Gate University Investment Research Club consolidates University and member resources to develop an educational platform which strengthens our understanding of investment research and provide practical experience in company analysis.

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