Women Make High-Level Contributions at Golden Gate University

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we would like to acknowledge the accomplished women who make a large contribution at GGU. Women are represented at the VP and Dean level — and are well over half of the degree program chairs and directors.

Vice President and Deans

Barbara Karlin
Vice President, Academic Affairs & Professor, School of Taxation

Rachel Van Cleve
Dean of the School of Law Professor of Law

Kayla Krupnick Walsh, Dean Student Services

Associate & Assistant Deans

Benedetta Faedi Duramy
Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship, School of Law

Corey Farris
Associate Dean for Law Career Development, School of Law

Marianne Koch
Associate Dean, Ageno School of Business

Jamie Nye
Associate Dean, Law Student Support, School of Law

Ayana Richardson
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Program

Jelena Kelleher Ristic
Associate Dean and Director for Undergraduate Program

Kimberly Staley
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, School of Law

Chairs & Directors

Ageno School of Business

Andrea Anthony, Department Chair for the Financial & Economics Department 

Kendra Calvert, Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Cassandra Dilosa, Director of Administration, Graduate Programs

Judith Lee, Chair of Business Analytics, Operations, & IT Management

Marcia Ruben, Chair, Graduate Management Program Assistant Professor

Marie Spark, Director, Project Management Program

Blodwen Tarter, Chair and Professor of Marketing and Public Relations

PLUS Program

Karen McRobie, Director

School of Law

Rana Boujaoude, Director, Bar Services Program

Olivera Jovanovic, Director, Graduate Law Programs

Reichi Lee, Director, Academic Development Program Adjunct Professor

School of Taxation

Kathleen Wright, Director of State and Local Tax, Braden School of Taxation

Undergraduate Programs

Nabanita Talukdar, Director of Math Programs

Sarah Maslov, Director of Administration, Undergraduate Programs

Associate & Assistant Directors

Academic Affairs, Student Life, and Wellness Services

Jennifer Carri,  Director, Student Life and Wellness Services

Alliah Gilman-Bey, Associate Director, Advising Services

Lori Granger, Assistant Director, Wellness Services
Regina Guerrero, Associate Director for Academic Affairs

Sandra Jimenez, Assistant Director, Student life

Neepa Parikh, Associate Director, Office of Career Services

Saba Sohail, Assistant Director, Advising Services

GGU also supports the success of its female students with its annual Women in Leadership event. You can watch the recent panel discussion, which was hosted by Ageno School of Business Associate Dean Marianne Koch.

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