Cool Business Analytics Visualizations from Business Intelligence Expert Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan, M.E, MBA, is an IT professional with expertise in business intelligence built over a 30-year career. He will be teaching Data Visualization and Storytelling as part of GGU’s new master’s degree program in Business Analytics. Here is his list of great visualizations from popular business analytics dashboards.

New York Taxis Data Visualization (Tableau)

Visualizing a huge set of information about the country’s biggest taxi market. Make sure to click on the data points.

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IT Dashboard (iDashboard)

Real-time dashboard for IT staff to locate issues associated with servers, hardware, PCs, printers and the company network.

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Marketing Dashboard (Sisense)

A quick way to analyze the rapid, complex online interactions customers have with a company.

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Efficiency Optimization by Branch

A chart comparing performance of staff and operations across business locations.

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If you want to learn about Tableau, which was used to create the Taxi visualization report, you can consult Khan’s book Jumpstart Tableau.

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