Fall 2016: 4 Tips to Create the Perfect Schedule

The fall trimester is around the corner and registration opens Monday, July 11th. Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize your class schedule or to plan for future trimesters. To assist with this process, we have created a list of 4 tips.

Jenny LeMaster Photography_GGU-33m (2)
A shot of students on campus

Speak with your Advisor

If you are a current student and have yet to determine your fall schedule, reach out to your advisor to set up an appointment today. The same process can be followed for students participating in Open Enrollment.

Your advisor can help you:
  • Choose classes
  • Change your degree
  • Substitute courses
  • File a grade grievance
  • Waive program requirements

Review Projected Program Schedules

Plan your schedule for the remainder of your time at GGU by referencing our projected schedules which can be found online on your respective program pages or retrieved from your advisor. The schedules include a listing of all courses, when they will be available and whether the class will be held online or in person during that time.

Select Electives Wisely

For many, registering for an elective can be an exciting time. Before racing to complete all of your electives, try to complete as many required courses as possible to ensure you have flexibility when preparing your final schedule before graduation.

Choose an Online or In-person Course 

If you are a local student, you have an opportunity to decide whether or not you want to take in-person or online courses. If you plan to take more than one course per trimester, try one online to determine if that combination works best for your schedule. Remember that option is always available.

To learn more about our course offerings, please visit our course catalog.



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