Dr. David Yeske Explains Why Many Choose GGU’s Financial Planning Program

Founded in 1901, Golden Gate University offers two innovative financial planning degrees and a certificate that can be earned in the classroom or entirely online.

Ours was the first ever MS in Financial Planning, originally offered in 1980. We’re proud of our 36 year history of educating leaders in the financial planning profession. Our program is registered with CFP Board and completion of the core courses qualifies you to sit for the CFP® certification exam. Just as importantly, our exceptional faculty will become a permanent part of your professional network.  Our faculty’s commitment to the profession is unparalleled: we count three past national FPA presidents, five past national board members, two Foundation for Financial Planning chairs, five Heart of Financial Planning recipients, and a P. Kemp Fain, Jr. Award honoree among our professors. You truly learn from the best of the best.

Beyond the core courses, you’ll also have access to cutting edge electives that represent the best of 21st century financial planning, including the following:

For those who have already passed the CFP® exam, we offer the MS in Financial Planning & Taxation which allows you to earn an advanced financial planning degree while taking a deep technical dive into the areas of income taxation or estate planning. This program is taught in conjunction with GGU’s highly ranked Braden School of Taxation, the largest tax school in the country and routinely named among the top 10 by tax professionals.  Here’s a short video lecture by Braden School professor Michael Vinson: Baseball Can Be Taxing.

The program has also drawn favorable reviews from financial planning luminaries like Michael Kitces:

       “Another appealing option is Golden Gate University’s “Masters in Taxation and Financial Planning” program, specifically for those who have already completed their CFP marks, who want to go deeper into both financial planning and income or estate taxation. What’s the difference between getting a graduate degree in financial planning, and “just” the CFP certification? Simply put, the Master’s degree programs go deeper into the subject matter (even for those who already have their CFP marks, as in the end CFP classes are the equivalent of “just” undergraduate-level coursework).”

Financial Planning Association (FPA) members also receive a 10% tuition grant on all classes.

For more information, email dyeske@ggu.edu

Guest Author

Financial Planning Director Dr. David Yeske,CFP®



Internship Success Panel & Networking Recap

In 2014, 65.4% of students completing a paid internship received a job offer prior to graduation according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Last night, GGU held the Internship Success Panel & Networking event that drew in dozens of students looking to achieve their career goals.

The panel consisted of five students and alumni who have acquired coveted internships through learned tactics and available on-campus resources provided by our Office of Career Planning. Associate Dean, Professor & HR Program Director Dr. Marianne Koch served as moderator while also providing helpful tips for success.

The panel during the event

Event Recap:

How long does an internship search typically take?

Before you begin your search, please be aware that all panelists mentioned it takes 3-6 months to land a position.  Panelist and alumnus Farhad Kazi, former GSN Games intern and current VF Corporation intern stated, “I set goals for the industry and the type of job I wanted” in response to being asked how he managed his search. The journey is not an easy one and to succeed one must learn how to “differentiate yourself” according to panelist Nabanita Talukdar, MBA and MS in Finance graduate. The adjunct professor and alumna applied to conferences where she spoke on her academic research positioning herself as a industry expert. Read more about her conference experience in a recent post.

What resources did you use?

“There are so many cool people in the city. I used Meetup to meet people.” – Hege Thorbjornsen, MS

All five of the panelists mentioned different methods such as sending InMails via LinkedIn Premium for more information on one’s career or attending networking events. Mamadou Kramoko, Audit Intern at Oracle, mentioned the importance of researching the experiences of your peers. He joined on-campus organizations to engage with those seeking the same opportunities with the hope of becoming more social and learning tips.

A shot of the crowd during the panel

What did you do to make the best of your opportunity?

The key to success, according to our panel of internship experts, was to never say “no”. If someone asked you to grab coffee or take the reigns on a big project, accept with an upbeat attitude to convey you are happy to be there and are ready to work. If a directive is given and questions remain, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. This is a learning experience and they don’t expect you to know everything.

“When I don’t understand something, I ask a lot of questions whether that person is in my department or not.” – Stephanie Dodge, MAc

How did you recover from glitches?

Discovering there is an issue in your workflow can be devastating. To avoid repercussions, Kramoko advised everyone be honest. “Don’t lie. Meet with your manager and tell what happened and [ask] what do I need to do to avoid this situation again.” Over time, you will learn what questions you need to ask to be successful. Remember the goal is to maintain a relationship,so you can learn who you should turn to for guidance.

If you missed this event, view our calendar for upcoming events developed to help with your career search.

 Moderator & Panelists:

Dr. Marianne Koch, Ph.D., Associate Dean, HR Program Director and Professor 

Words of wisdom: “Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know, but I will find out””

Hege Thorbjornsen, MS in Integrated Marketing Communications graduate, Marketing Associate at Stitch Fix

Words of wisdom: “Be proactive and say these are my skills and what I can contribute.”

Farhad Kazi, MS in Marketing graduate, Former GSN Games intern & current VF Corporation intern

Words of wisdom: “Reach out to alumni and don’t be afraid to negotiate.”

Stephanie Dodge, Master of Accountancy graduate, former KPMG intern & 2016 Accounting Cohort

Words of wisdom: “Try not to get discouraged during interviews. When saying no, please do so gracefully”

Nabanita Talukdar, MBA & MS in Finance, Adjunct Professor & Actelion intern

Words of wisdom: “Go into the position with the mindset that you want this to turn into a full-time internship.”

Mamadou Kramoko, MAc candidate, Oracle intern

Words of wisdom: “Get as many interviews as you can, so you can practice and learn from them”


Fall 2016: 4 Tips to Create the Perfect Schedule

The fall trimester is around the corner and registration opens Monday, July 11th. Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize your class schedule or to plan for future trimesters. To assist with this process, we have created a list of 4 tips.

Jenny LeMaster Photography_GGU-33m (2)
A shot of students on campus

Speak with your Advisor

If you are a current student and have yet to determine your fall schedule, reach out to your advisor to set up an appointment today. The same process can be followed for students participating in Open Enrollment.

Your advisor can help you:
  • Choose classes
  • Change your degree
  • Substitute courses
  • File a grade grievance
  • Waive program requirements

Review Projected Program Schedules

Plan your schedule for the remainder of your time at GGU by referencing our projected schedules which can be found online on your respective program pages or retrieved from your advisor. The schedules include a listing of all courses, when they will be available and whether the class will be held online or in person during that time.

Select Electives Wisely

For many, registering for an elective can be an exciting time. Before racing to complete all of your electives, try to complete as many required courses as possible to ensure you have flexibility when preparing your final schedule before graduation.

Choose an Online or In-person Course 

If you are a local student, you have an opportunity to decide whether or not you want to take in-person or online courses. If you plan to take more than one course per trimester, try one online to determine if that combination works best for your schedule. Remember that option is always available.

To learn more about our course offerings, please visit our course catalog.



Adjunct Professor Presents Marketing Research Internationally

Adjunct Professor and alumna Nabanita Talukdar (MS Finance ’09, DBA candidate) has led courses in marketing, finance, information technology and mathematics since 2013. In recent months, she presented her research at premier conferences in Ireland and Singapore.

In April, Nabanita attended the annual Twitter Mixed Days Conference which was held at Cairnes School of Business & Economics at National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG).  The international conference is hosted by Cairnes School of Business & Economics in conjunction with Emlyon Business School, France and the Twitter development team. Nabanita was one of ten researchers selected to present on topics ranging from public health, public policy, political systems, information systems, computer science and marketing.

Nabanita Talukdar presenting her research at Twitter Mixed Days conference.
Nabanita Talukdar in front of the Cairnes School of Business & Economics

In June, she presented a research paper titled, “Tweets, Retweets and Luxury Connoisseurs: An empirical study of the relationship between tweet volume and stock prices for luxury brands in the US” at the LVMH-SMU Luxury Research Conference held at Singapore Management. The inaugural conference brought together over 50 academics from reputed global universities such as Golden Gate University, Northwestern University, Tsinghua University, ESSEC, UCLA and University of Houston. Nabanita’s research included a sample of 12 companies from the luxury apparel, specialty retail, footwear, auto and jewelry sectors ultimately determining a link between tweet volume and stock prices.

Nabanita Talukdar attending the LVMH-SMU Luxury Research Conference
Event space for the LVMH-SMU Luxury Research Conference

To learn more about Nabanita’s research, join one of her courses at GGU, online or in a classroom at our downtown San Francisco location. For more information on our marketing programs, please visit our website.