5 Tips to Excel in Your Position: Become the Office Superstar

Today, over 80% of Golden Gate University students are part-time.  Many work as interns or full-time employees with the goal of scoring that coveted promotion. As the week winds down, use the following list of tips for ways to potentially become the office superstar and expedite the promotion process.

  1. Present yourself in a professional manner – After being in a work environment for a certain amount of time, you can become comfortable. Don’t take advantage of leniency. Always conduct yourself professionally when on the clock. You must remember, every moment is a chance to impress. This means inappropriate jokes, casual clothing and lackadaisical behavior should not become a part of your routine.RB46496684008
  2. Seek information – Countless hours are wasted on a monthly basis. If you have a light workload, spend your time learning more about industry trends, company information or cultivating a skill that can simplify the work process.
  3. Come prepared – Whether you have an upcoming meeting or are new to a project, always study. If documents are provided, review them in advance and ask your contact any questions that may arise to combat confusion.
  4. Say “yes” – “Whenever an opportunity or project comes your way, say “yes”. When I began my career in HR, I wasn’t sure which path I wanted to take. I said yes to projects and opportunities and eventually found where my strengths and passions were best suited. This allows for increased knowledge, exposure to other people in your company, and helps build meaningful relationships. It’s also important to know when to say “no” and manage your time. It’s a fine balance, but do take advantage of opportunities and don’t be afraid to learn something new.” – Maureen Johanssen (MS HRM ’14) – HR Manager, CBS Interactive
  5. Be humbled – Yes, you are educated, experienced and building a career many could only dream of; however, you don’t need to remind those around you of your capabilities. Let your work speak for itself.

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