Ageno Offers Online & In-Person Classes for the Working Professional

Golden Gate University attracts students nationally and even across the globe. Our diverse student body has been recognized by Best College Reviews as one of the top 50 ethnically diverse colleges in America. GGU also prides itself as an institution that is known to provide a quality education to those with an eager mind and time limitations. Today, over 80% of students attend part-time to make room for full-time employment and/or other obligations.

MS in Integrated Marketing Communications candidate Danielle Anderson is projected to complete her degree by December 2016. Anderson, a Chicago native, is no stranger to hard work. She spends her weekdays working as a marketing coordinator for the Edward S. Ageno School of Business, her weekends as a part-time employee with a Bay Area sports team and her nights in a GGU classroom. When asked the infamous question, “Why GGU?” she responded with the following:

After joining the GGU community  as a full-time employee, I realized that pursuing an education at this institution didn’t just mean a lot of reading. It meant learning from an experienced professional who was ready to give back. The campus location also (San Francisco’s Financial District) also made it easy for me to commute from the East Bay. – Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson

Many of our programs are available in person and/or online providing students with flexible scheduling. If a student decides to pursue an online education, their course experience will include creative media usage to ensure students receive an experience parallel to those on campus. Anderson stressed the importance of a central location; but, also expressed her need for online courses. “My schedule can get hectic. If online courses weren’t available, I would not be able to complete an MS degree with my schedule in less than 2 years.”

If you are searching for a flexible degree program in business, peruse our graduate degree list to learn why many have chosen our school of business.

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