Summer ’16: 3 Courses You Must Experience

This summer, don’t just take a course for credits, but to maximize your GGU experience. There are 3 courses in finance, information technology and operations that offer skills applicable to your ideal career. We encourage you to take these courses in the upcoming trimester to take advantage of smaller classrooms, complete your program at a faster pace or if you seek to utilize open enrollment.

Students in our cafe/lounge area

FI 305: Financial Reporting and Analysis

Take this course to improve your understanding of accounting as an information system that helps users make good business decisions. Topics include:

  • Accounting principles
  • Examination of the balance sheet
  • Income statement and statement of cash flows
  • Application of the various quantitative techniques such as ratio analysis
  • Equity valuation methods

If you find this course interesting, you are welcome to join our MS in Financial Planning Webinar Thursday, April 28th @ noon to learn more about our MS in Financial Planning curriculum, application process and to apply free.

IT 300: Managing Information Technologies in the Business Enterprise

This online course provides an introduction to the business knowledge and management skills necessary for leadership roles in IT departments.  Students will also be introduced to:

  • Emerging technologies such as cloud computing
  • Network computing
  • Social media

OP 303: Operations Management

Explore the theory and practice of managing innovation and technology and their role in competitive business situations. Emphasis will be placed on:

  • Technology planning
  • Development and acquisition
  • Managing the technically-oriented business functions

Are you ready to register? If you are not a student, join our MS in Project Management Webinar Wednesday, April 27th @ noon for details and an application fee waiver code.

Act today! Classes begin May 1st!

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