Ageno Internship Success: Lene Hegland

Many Ageno students have landed “dream” internships this year! Lene Hegland, MS student, provides a glimpse into a one-of-a-kind experience as an intern at a thriving company in the following interview.


What program are you in?  How long have you been studying at GGU? An interesting fact about yourself.

My name is Lene Hegland, and I’m originally from Oslo, Norway. I moved to San Francisco in August 2014 to start my graduate program, M.S. in Marketing. An interesting fact, I’ve traveled to 22 countries (favorite country: Tanzania)

What company are you interning at and how did you find your internship? 

I’m currently interning at Lean Startup Co. (LSCo) ( It started as an opportunity to volunteer at a conference LSCo hosted in San Francisco in November, 2015. At the conference, I gathered feedback from attendees and identified leads for the next event LSCo is hosting. This lead me to meet the Co-founder of the company, and she offered me a position as their Marketing Intern.

San Francisco Conference from November 2015

What kind of work are you currently doing at your internship (only share non-proprietary information – general description is great)?

I assist in promoting LSCo’s events on various social media accounts, and utilize content and direct marketing to connect and engage with current and potential attendees.

Are there any specific class projects that helped prepare you for the work you are doing in your internship?

In particular, the projects I did in my Direct Marketing, Consumer Psychology, and Digital Marketing and eCommerce courses have helped me prepare for what I am doing now. Theory on how to track and analyze consumer behavior online, and strategies on how to implement marketing efforts have been very helpful.

How do you think the skills you are learning at your internship will help in your career?

The experience I gained from the internship is different from what I have learned in the classroom. At Lean Startup, I have gained skills in tracking and analyzing consumer response to each marketing effort. Working with creating strategies based on real numbers is both fascinating and challenging and it presents a great learning experience. I would recommend anyone to work as an intern before they graduate.

Lene interacting with fellow conference attendees

Do you have any recommendations for people looking for internships?

My recommendations are to jump on every chance to network and volunteer during their spare time and to use LinkedIn to personalize each job application. Golden Gate University arranges several helpful events and workshops, online and in person, that focus on networking, resume writing, and LinkedIn review. Students can also arrange a one-to-one time with a professional career consultant at GGU Careers.

Need help? Prepare for your upcoming internship by attending The LAGRANT Foundation’s webinar Friday, April 8th, 2016 at 10 a.m. PST,“So You’ve Landed an Internship, Now What?”.

Deadline to RSVP is Friday, April 1st at 6 p.m. PST. Email your resume to Senior Programs and Outreach Manager, Ericka Iniguez at


Ageno Internship Success: Farhad Kazi

A number of Ageno students have added an internship to their coursework this term. Read the following interview to learn how MS in Marketing student Farhad Kazi recently started an internship at Game Show Network (GSN).

Farhad Kazi at the GSN headquarters.

How long have you been studying at GGU?  What is an interesting fact that you can share with the GGU community?

I have been studying in GGU for almost two years. I am fast learner, I taught myself how to swim, and play the guitar.

How did you find your internship?

I found it on

What kind of work are you currently doing at your internship?

I am a product marketing intern as GSN Games. I manage the editorial calendar and the social media pages of GSN Casino; GSN Casino is a mobile gaming app.

Are there any specific class projects that helped prepare you for the work you are doing in your internship?

Yes, my social media course has been very useful. Through this course, I have been able to understand the real world applications of a Social Media plan. Being familiar with the process of creating a Social Media plan has made it easy for me to add value to the marketing team. It took me less time to get familiar with the process, and I could take up responsibilities faster.

How do you think the skills you are learning at your internship will help in your career?             

I consider my experience at GSN very valuable. While I was studying at GGU, I realized that my interest lies in the gaming industry. Here at GSN, I am getting an overall view of the industry that I wish to pursue for a career. Therefore, the skills that I am developing here will be very helpful in my future endeavors.

What is something that surprised you about this internship?

An opportunity to explore different functions of the business was the most surprising factor. My internship here at GSN games gives me an opportunity to learn and explore specific functions of business that I am interested in. This enables me to develop different skills, in addition to the skills that I am developing while performing my current function.

Do you have any recommendations for people looking for internships?

The best recommendation that I had received during my internship search was to connect with individuals who are at a position/company where I would like to work. These individuals were the best source of information to help me build a road map towards my goal. Their experiences helped me identify gaps or skills that I needed to develop for an internship position that I was interested in.

Over the next few weeks,  Ageno will highlight additional students and their internship experiences. Stay tuned!

GGU’s Lasting Impression at HR West 2016

GGU’s presence was felt at HR West 2016!

The conference that brings together practicing human resource professionals in Northern California, was held in the Oakland Convention Center March 7 – 9. GGU’s Outreach team attended all three days informing attendees of our accredited degree programs which include HR management, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Our GGU team had great conversations with attendees about career advancement and was able to share that our programs are available online and in person. The team also connected with many alumni and students in attendance.

Chasity LeDoux at GGU’s table during HR West event.

Dr. Jeremy Welland, Adjunct Professor and Director of People Analytics at Pandora, presented a powerful presentation on data analytics at HR West.  The session provided insights on why many current systems are ineffective and the importance of linking appropriate metrics to business strategy. To tie these ideas together, Dr. Welland presented examples from Pandora’s implemented strategy to serve as a blueprint. Following the presentation, many inquired about our MBA program which offers a concentration in data analytics while raving about his informative session.

Jeremy Welland

Dr. Welland currently can be found in a GGU classroom teaching the principles of organizational behavior for our psychology department. For more information on his course availability and career, visit his featured biography.

GGU Student Deals: Save on Your Next Purchase

The cost of tuition, books, housing and transportation leaves many students short on cash. At GGU, earning a college education has its perks! Before your next purchase, review the following deals offered exclusively to our students (and faculty).



  • ASOS, an online fashion retailer, offers 10% off purchases.
  • Amazon, the largest internet-based retailer in the U.S., allows students to join Amazon Student for only $49 a year for free 2 day shipping, free Kindle books and more!
  • Banana Republic, gives students 20% off full-priced items at the 256 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, California location.


  • Zipcar, a car rental service, cuts the annual membership fee to $15 for GGU students.
  • Lyft, a popular app offering on-the-spot car services, discounts new GGU users first 5 rides by $10.


  • Portico, the conveniently located restaurant, gives students a free beverage with any purchase
  • Ovo Cafe, a local “tea restaurant”, discounts their menu by 10% for all students.

For a complete listing of all discounts, download the GGU app for details.