GGU Ranks Among Top Eight Online Colleges in California

The Best Schools released their top eight online colleges in California and Golden Gate University has made the list! Acquiring such a prestigious award demonstrates our ability to deliver a quality education inside and outside of the classroom.

The ranking was earned based on school awards, faculty strengths, and program offerings. Today, over 3.2 million students are pursuing a post-secondary education in California. Luckily, the internet allows students across the globe to experience GGU with the click of their mouse.


Thanks to online programs, new mothers, full-time professionals and spontaneous travelers can obtain a degree without skipping a beat. The flexibility of our programs allows someone to begin in-person and end online if they choose.

Ageno’s programs include graduate certificates (5-6 course programs) and masters degrees in many areas of business such as psychology, marketing, business administration. For all interested in an online (or even in-person) education, we offer webinars for each of our programs. These online events allow attendees to learn more about GGU course offerings and ask questions in real time.

Who would’ve thought the internet could be used for more than social media and Google searches!?

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